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How It Works: The Click Depot Way

Our Mission

Performance based SEO services. Whether you are a local or national business our policy is you will Rank Before You Pay!

Our Company

We are a privately held company located in Raleigh, NC. Our Team is built with industry leaders with decades of experience helping business owners make great internet marketing decisions. Our risk free programs make everyone on our team an asset; we are truly game changers for any company we do business with.

Our Customer Service Pledge

During any given month if you are are not satisfied with the results of that month's management of your SEO or PPC campaign you may request a review in writing or with your consultant. As a result of your review if you are not satisfied with our performance for the month in question Click Depot will refund up to 100% of that month's management fee. This does not include your budget for Pay Per Click.

Click Depot’s Rank 1st and Pay Later SEO Services & Pricing

Our professionals have decades of experience providing SEO Services for local to global companies, we decided to roll out a game changing approach. This approach takes the risk out from under our clients and shifts the burden to our internet marketing firm and makes us deliver before any of our clients spend a single dollar. Click Depot was created to bring businesses simpler reduced risk options for marketing their business using SEO Services.

Following is a snapshot of how we do business:

  • Your keyword pricing is determined up front.
  • Your pricing is grandfathered in for the life of your account.
  • No Set-up Fees. No Long-Term Contracts.
  • Customers are billed once ranking on Google, Yahoo & Bing... "You Rank Before You Pay”

Click Depot’s SEO Services Set Up in 3 Simple Steps:

  • Step #1 - Enter your Website Domain
  • Step #2 – Select your Keywords
    • Enter relevant keywords that you'd like to be found on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo & Bing.
    • We'll return search data for your specified term & provide additional keyword suggestions.
    • Your results will showcase the competitive SEO landscape for your targeted keywords, along with your current rankings.
    • Our SEO Services Pricing Tool will also give you pricing for each keyword chosen based upon the campaign level you would like to run (Local, Regional, National)
  • Step #3 – Activate Your Account – Submit Your Keywords For Approval
    • At this point, you have selected your Keywords and completing the submission form will only take a few seconds.
    • Click Depot will quickly reply with an acceptance email for you to review and activate your program by replying back "yes."

For Additional Questions:

Please e-mail us at or call 866-960-9353 with any questions.

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